Wire decking for storage in kitchen, closet and pantry

Our company is specializing in wire decking products. Our products include wire decking display rack, wire rack , wire rack decking, heavy duty decking, wire decking railing, welded wire decking, wire container and folding wire container.

Wire decking with high quality heavy-duty, light weight galvanized welded that is sanitary and self-cleaning. Dust and dirty do not build up. It improves visibility, and is easy for installation and maintenance. Wire mesh decking is suit for all sizes racking. It is widely used in kitchen, closet or pantry for storage.

All products are made from high-quality hot-dip galvanized welded panel and PVC coated welded panel or stainless steel welded panel, having good rust resistance. Our products are in accordance with national defense, national and industrial standards. Most of our products are for export to Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia and other countries. If you want more info about our wire decking, please contact us.

Hot Products
  • July 30 2012
    Wire Decking With Flared Support Channels
    Wire decking is for making of pallet rack and makes the most popular selective wire rack parts. Wire deck pallet rack has greater structural strength than other materials, when used to load boxes or other non-palletized load onto racks.
  • July 18 2012
    Wire Decking With Racks
    Wire decking: wire deck that converts load beams to wire shelves in a selective pallet rack system. Custom designable, rack deck is made to fit the specific depth, length and load capacity of your rack system.
  • July 09 2012
    Rack Wire Decking in stock
    Rack wire decking types: stainless steel wire decking, galvanized wire decking, PVC coated wire decking and so on. Rack wire decking with different decking for need. The decking load capacity can be 500-800kg.
  • June 06 2012
    Wire decking for waterfall bends
    Wire decking: Wire decking satisfies 50% open fire codes. Flat wire deck shelf surface, with waterfall front and rear. Notched corners accommodate angle posts. Galvanized rust-resistant finish.

Benefits Features of Wire Deck

Wire decking share easy installation, cost efficient, can improve visibility through out the facility, and the design of wire mesh decking are acceptable by customers. Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system. Various of sizes and styles are available. Stay clean due to dirt can't build up on grid of wire deck.