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Folding Wire Container

Folding Wire Mesh Container is an essential and flexible unit for material handling and storage. It's lightweight yet can hold up to 4,000 lbs., durable yet low cost, can be used for a multitude of tasks yet is virtually maintenance free.

As seen in the image (left), 'Quick Ship' containers come with unique safety features, such as safety lugs that ensure containers will remain stacked. These containers have safety corner reinforcing rings that prevent distortion. The barcode plate is also a great labeling feature!

Three of our most popular Folding Wire Mesh Containers are available on a Quick Ship Program basis. Any three, we can ship quantities of 249 or less, Subject to availability!

Folding Wire Container

The feature of folding wire container

  • 4 kinds of Foldable structures are very easy to store and transport. The design of front drop gate for easy access and bending metal grip handle link make picking up and storage very easy even when the wire containers are stacked.
  • Surface treatment: electro zinc plated after welding for rust-free life.
  • Castors and pallets can be added to the base plate to make the movement of wire container easier. Spanking wire containers are able to be conveyed by pallet vehicles, forklift, elevator and crane.
  • Cardboard can be equipped in the wire basket to protect the surface of materials and ensure the completeness of materials during storage and transportation, so that the cost is reduced and the efficiency is increased.
  • Good stack ability. Stack ability: (in transport): 2-3; Stack ability (in warehouse):3-5.
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